Fair Dates: August 10 - 14​

Fair Dates: August 10 - 14

Ground Use

Ground Use Fees

Full Grounds

Includes Bathrooms & Utilities

$1500 per day plus utilities

Half Grounds

Exhibition Hall, carnival area bounded on the east by track, the infield of track for parking, bathrooms, and utilities

$800 per day plus utilities

Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall and surrounding area with bathroom and utilities.

$350 per day plus utilities

Cattle Barn, Follett Ring, and 4-H Camping Area

Includes Cattle Barn, Follett Ring, and 4-H Open Camping Area.

$150 per day plus utilities

Track / Pit Parking

$150 per day plus utilities

Office Building

Deposit refundable at end of event pending inspection.

$100 per day


Attendant and products supplied by those using grounds

$100 per day + $50 deposit


Restroom with shower for event

$200 per day + $100 deposit


Picnic Tables

$50 deposit


Park Benches

$50 deposit

Individual Camping

Include water and electric

$40 per day

Individual Camping

Electric only

$30 per day

Individual Camping

No Amenities

$20 per day

Camper / Winter Storage

$10 per sq/ft, Min $120

Vendor Rental

Min. 10 ft. inside - 15 ft. outside with electric

$22 per frontage foot +$35 Garbage Fee

Vendor Rental

EMS Bldg. – West

$15 per frontage foot +$35 Garbage Fee

Ground Use Request Form

Grounds Maps